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Lover come back: VIP is the word...

"Lover come back" (1961) was directed by Delbert Mann, starring Rock Hudson, Doris Day and Tony Randall. It's the story of Jerry Webster (Rock Hudson) and Carol Templeton (Doris Day) who both work in the advertising business for rivaling agencies. Jerry lands contracts for his agency by wining and dining his clients. Disgusted by Jerry's unethical methods Carol reports him to the advertising council. As a bribe, Jerry then offers Rebel (Edie Adams), a chorus girl who is going to testify against him at the council hearing, the position of VIP girl in the commercials for the new product VIP. The commercials are shot but not to be broadcast, since there is no VIP. When Pete Ramsey (Tony Randall), Jerry's boss, broadcasts them anyway, Jerry has to come up with a product. He enlists the help of Dr Linus Tyler (Jack Kruschen) to develop VIP. Carol, who has decided to go for the VIP account herself, visits Dr Tyler in his laboratory and finds Jerry there, who pretends to be Dr Tyler. This of course is the beginning of a lot of scheming on Jerry's part and Carol falls for it all ánd for him, hook, line and sinker....

This is the second of the three so-called sex comedies that Rock Hudson and Doris Day made together, the first being "Pillow Talk" and the last one "Send me no flowers". I have said earlier that "Pillow Talk" is my favourite, but after seeing "Lover come back" again, I'm not so sure. This a very funny romantic comedy indeed. The storyline of this movie is actually quite similar to that of "Pillow Talk": in both movies Rock Hudson pretends to be someone else (an insecure man who hasn't been around women a lot), because Doris Day hates his real identity (an unscrupulous womaniser). In "Lover come back" Rock and Doris are again magnificent! They are said to have been good friends in real life and it shows. They seem to be quite at ease with each other and look like they were having a good time. In all three movies the two are supported by Tony Randall, and in this film Randall is once again terrific as Rock Hudson´s neurotic sidekick. No funny movie without a wonderful script, this one was written by Stanley Shapiro and Paul Henning and was even nominated for an Academy Award.

Here are some set photos:

This is the movie's trailer:

In all three Day/Hudson movies Doris Day sings the title song of the movie. I love the song "Lover come back", but want to show you a clip of another great song, "Should I Surrender", wonderfully sung by Doris:

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